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Welcome to "Wandering In The darkness" demo page! My name is Noova-Art and this is my first ever demo! 

This demo might have some grammar mistakes. But I tried my best to grammar check it! ^^

✤ Warning ✤

This game contains gore, dark themes, and sensitive subjects. This is not a game for kids and should be played for people at the age of 15 and higher.

So far. This demo doesn't have any gore. But It will be added in the future

✤ About ✤

The story is about a boy named Nick, who has ran away from home. On his way, he got into an accident and so. Has woken up in the middle of the woods, and not so far to an unfamiliar mansion. 

Will, he ever get out? Will he get killed on his way to escape the monsters lurking in the woods and the mansion?  

✤ Contacts ✤

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Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
TagsDark Fantasy, Horror, norway, RPG Maker


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Hey hey there dev. my channel got terminated i'm sorry the video was gone. but i created a new channel soon. sorry

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game is good i love the plot twist 

9 out of 10

thats completly understandable ^^ thank you for liking my game!

An absolutely fantastic game. The story was engaging and I cared for Nick and Noah and wanted to see how their relationship would turn out after the demo's ending. I'm so excited for the full version. ^^



Thank you so much for liking my game!! :D it makes me happy to hear it got 8.5/10 ^^

really cool game :) yet sad story 


Yes indeed UvU thank you for playing my game!! :D 

This is nicely done! I love the storyline with Nick running away from home because of personal reasons and exploring more of his relationship with his family. I like the background graphics and the drawn protraits for the characters. I was so creeped out when it got dark at the end and that thing took Noah that I thought it was going to me, too! I love to see more when it's finished! :D

Thank you so much! ^^ I'm glad you got creeped out by the monster in the game c: it just means im doing my work done x3

Played this! Nice work, I love the relationships between Nick & Noah and the puzzle was smart ^^ I also like that aspect of turning on a light in each room, and the music and art was really atmospheric. Only minor problem I had was that my pc lagged when there was multiple lighting effects, but you can turn off lighting effects anyway so it wasn't a big deal, just wanted to let you know :)


I freaked out when I saw that thing oh my god what a reveal... can't wait for the full game!!!


I shall see if i can fix the lightning effect. but thank you for liking the game! ^^

The Mac demo won't open for me :( Is this compatible with OS Catalina?

i have heard this from a another person. And so far i havent found the solution to this problem.

So for now. Im researching what i did wrong etc :p

I am very sorry for this to happen and i hope you have a great day 

Gave it a go :P Hope my advice and commentary was worth for you.

Hey Hey, I recently gave your game a try and I decided to play the game on my stream and gave my initial thoughts on the game. I'll be linking the video in the and I really hope that you give the video a watch.

Best of luck to you and I can't wait to see how much more you'll be including in the game!

I love the new update! I cant wait to see where this storyline will take me. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

Hi developer i finish the game and it was nice. I hope you will watch this full video that i made.

I love this video so much!! it made me laugh so much!!!! thank you so much to playing the demo. it really means a lot to me!! :D

thank you please do tell if your finish with this game kk. see yea in the future


I absolutely loved this demo! I am definitely looking forward to the full release. The art style is amazing and the storyline has me intrigued. I can't wait to play the full game. If you are intersted in my gameplay I will link it below.

Thank you so much for playing the demo!! :D im so glad you love the characters. and it makes me so happy you want to see more!! :D i will definitely work more on this.  As seeing you and may other videos has inspired me more 

quick question do you work this game alone or a team?

I worked on this alone c: i ask friends for help sometimes though :p

XD ok 

This game will probably become popular until its full release. The chapters and characters are so interesting. It took me a while to figure out that puzzle, but I'm sure you will make puzzles easier in the future. This was awesome!


Oh my god. thank you so much for playing my game!! i saw your video and i liked it and subscribed!! :D im very excited for part 2!!

Your wish has come true!


Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel. 

I apologise for the video editor watermark :(. I have been testing out new video editors recently.

I have to say that this game was made brilliantly! There are some grammatical errors in the game but I loved the storyline and the artstyle. Some improvements could be an addition of more sound effects to enhance the scary and horrifying atmosphere and maybe a little more context on the characters background. I really loved the bonus room as well and I hope that you actually leave the customisation of characters on in the game instead! I really liked the game you made so keep up the good work :).

Thank you for reading my comment.


Oh my god!!! Thank you so much for playing my game!! I was freaking out when i saw you made a video about it that i just had to take a moment to take it in! :D love the video!


Thank you so much bro :).